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Meet the Team

Mr. Giovanni Musu

Chairman & Architect

Mr. Giovanni Musu is the Chairman & Architect of Immagina Style Interior Decoration LLC, Venice in 1992 & Dubai in 2010. Mr. Giovanni Musu has received his formal education, as Architecture, from the IUVA University, Venice in 1992 and also Eco design, Building & Project Management, from San Francisco Institute of Architecture, San Francisco in 1996

Mr. Giovanni Musu believes that the job of an architect/designer cannot be simply based on one's credentials and academic qualifications. An equally important role is played by one's experiences and exposures to people, places and cultures.

Our Team

We have a multicultural team of dedicated & experienced professionals and associate consultants from different backgrounds yet having unification in passion & zeal towards the work. A combination of effective experience & talented minds brings out a symphonic & astonishing team and that's what we have at Immagina

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